12:11 AM PST

{that_one_guy}: i know no-one else is online, but, holy shit.
{that_one_guy}: if you're reading this, turn on the fucking news.

1:38 AM PST

<antimal>: its too early for this shit

2:31 AM PST

<h011y>: test
<h011y>: Just making sure this still works.
<h011y>: Anyone else actually online...?

2:38 AM PST

<antimal>: HI SORRY
<antimal>: whats up

<h011y>: Same thing that's "up" for everyone, I guess.
<h011y>: Trying to figure out what to do with my last 24 hours on Earth.

<antimal>: last 21 and change hours now

<h011y>: Not helping.
<h011y>: I've been locked up in my room, saying goodbye to people, playing a few songs, but I really don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of my day.

<antimal>: is it as fucked up out there as it is here

<h011y>: Things seem alright so far. I think a lot of people either slept through the alert, or are doing the same thing I am. I heard gunshots earlier, but things seem relatively calm outside of that.

<antimal>: guess thats what you get in a west coast apocalkypse
<antimal>: people are going insane where i am

<h011y>: Is this really becoming another east-coast/west-coast debate? Besides, you're also three hours later into the morning.

<antimal>: worst part is all the stores are cleared out
<antimal>: last day on earth and i cant even get some DANG FRITOS
<antimal>: also all the looting and rioting and shit but like whatever

<h011y>: That sounds awful! Are you safe?

<antimal>: ill be fine

<h011y>: ...Come to think of it, what are people rioting over?

<antimal>: they want off the planet
<antimal>: apparently the government is sending astronauts up already
<antimal>: no chance any of these nj shitheads are making it to the moon tho

<h011y>: I hope humanity makes it through this.

<antimal>: fat chance
<antimal>: notoriously hard to survive on the moon

<h011y>: You're being pretty pessimistic.

<antimal>: the worlds ending
<antimal>: theres never been a better time for it

<h011y>: Well, I'm going to go for a walk before things get too crazy.
<h011y>: Talk to you when you're feeling a bit more pleasant.

<antimal>: ill let you know if the world stops ending
<antimal>: stay safe out there holly

3:11 AM PST

<Tandemonium>merry end of days, everyone!

<antimal>are you seriously in a good mood right now

<Tandemonium>I mean, I wouldn't go that far, but from the looks of things you're having a much worse time than I am.

<antimal>you have less than a day to live how are you being peppy

<Tandemonium>I mean, to be fair, I was going to die either way.
<Tandemonium>but now I've got no responsibilities!
<Tandemonium>and I get to spend the apocalypse with the people I love, so that's something.

<antimal>then go do that
<antimal>talk to you when youre feeling a bit less pleasant

<Tandemonium>don't be like that.

3:25 AM PST

<changkey>: hey tandy!

<Tandemonium>: o/

<changkey>: merry end of days to you too <3
<changkey>: this will probably be the last time I log on, so good luck everyone on your final day, and thanks for all the memories

<Tandemonium>: I'll miss you!

<antimal>: damn

<Tandemonium>: see you in the next life, @<changkey>...
<Tandemonium>: u_u

<changkey>: goodbye, everyone

<morse>: .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- .- / -.-. .... .- -. --. -.- . -.--
<morse>: Actually fuck it
<morse>: You've been a great friend changkey, sad to see you go

<antimal>: HOLY SHIT
<antimal>: its non-morse morse

<Tandemonium>: mark this day on your calendars everyone. :O

<antimal>: the day that morse finally talked in regular english
<antimal>: also the day the earth blew the fuck up

<morse>: I'm pretty sure if the Earth was actually going to blow up that would be on the newsi nstead
<morse>: *instead

<antimal>: we got so screwed
<antimal>: boring ass apocalypse

<Tandemonium>: if the earth actually blew up, then the people headed to the moon would die, though.

<antimal>: theyre all dying either goddamn way

<Tandemonium>: christ, can you have a little bit of hope?

<antimal>: fuck off
<antimal>: anyhow going back to not talking to you starting immediately

<h011y>: I'm back, I miss anything?

<antimal>: nothing important

<Tandemonium>: @<changkey> has left for good, @<morse> is talking in normal English, and @<antimal> continues to be a douche.

<h011y>: Aww, I didn't get to say goodbye to changkey!
<h011y>: Antimal, how are things outside your place? Still as crazy as before?

<antimal>: dude what is it with you and pinging people

<morse>: End of the world and we're arguing about chat functions

<antimal>: you can just say names you know
<antimal>: yeah everything still sucks
<antimal>: some guy set off a bomb uptown apparently

<Tandemonium>: O_O

<h011y>: Holy shit.
<h011y>: Do you think I should be prepared for something like that?

<morse>: Oh my God

<antimal>: i mean if nothings happened yet probably not

<Tandemonium>: not sure how well that logic holds up...

<antimal>: i said fuck off

<Tandemonium>: @<antimal>, is there a reason you're being, more of a dick than usual?
<Tandemonium>: this isn't like you. :c

<morse>: Ok it's a little bit like them

<antimal>: the WORLD IS ENDING

<h011y>: Can everyone lay off each other for a minute? We're all friends here.

<antimal>: fucking sorry

<Tandemonium>: you know what, I'm gonna take a break for a while.

<morse>: Seconded

<h011y>: ...
<h011y>: I really joined at the worst point of the conversation, didn't I.

<antimal>: fuck
<antimal>: actually i gotta cool off too

<h011y>: Fair enough.

4:04 AM PST

[404bot]: TIME NOT FOUND

4:28 AM PST

<Mnemesis>: oof, looks like things ain't going great in here
<Mnemesis>: hope everyone's feeling a li'l better.
<Mnemesis>: if anyone comes online, @ me, i got nothin' better to do.

4:55 AM PST

<antimal>: @<Mnemesis>
<antimal>: you there
<antimal>: @<Mnemesis>
<antimal>: @<Mnemesis>
<antimal>: @<Mnemesis>
<antimal>: @<Mnemesis>

<Mnemesis>: i get up for five darn minutes to get something to eat...
<Mnemesis>: i said "@ me", not "@@@@@ me", guy

<antimal>: lol

<Mnemesis>: what's up?

<antimal>: nothing in particular

<Mnemesis>: *sigh*

5:17 AM PST

[Countdown]: *has begun*

<Mnemesis>: ooo

<morse>: !help @[Countdown]

[Countdown]: Counts down to the end.

<morse>: Hourly countdown, plus a finer countdown as the end gets closer

<antimal>: yaaay reminders of mortaliyt

<Mnemesis>: woah
<Mnemesis>: a new bot, *and* morse speakin' like a normal person?

<antimal>: mindblowing i know

{that_one_guy}: i approve.

5:51 AM PST

<Tandemonium>: hey @<Mnemesis>, long time no see!
<Tandemonium>: how's your armageddon going>
<Tandemonium>: *?

<antimal>: now u know how i feel
<antimal>: hows your happy little armageddon going asshat

<Tandemonium>: can you cut it out already?
<Tandemonium>: i understand things aren't going well, but you don't need to take it out on me.

<antimal>: why do you takl like this

<Tandemonium>: go do something else, man.

6:00 AM PST

[Countdown]: T-18 hours.

<morse>: It actually works🥳
<morse>: Also we're all going to die in 18 hours😔

6:49 AM PST

<Mnemesis>: Lesson learned: don't stay AFK if you don't want people to ping you all the time.
<Mnemesis>: Well, now that I've finally learned that, see y'all later!
<Mnemesis>: I'll prolly be back online for the end of it all, 'cause I really don't have anywhere else to be.
<Mnemesis>: ...aaand everyone else is offline and I been talkin' to myself like a dumbass.

7:00 AM PST

[Countdown]: T-17 hours.

7:40 AM PST

<h011y>: This isn't Holly.
<h011y>: I'm Holly's friend,
<h011y>: and I have some bad news.

<antimal>: oh god
<antimal>: shes fucking dead isnt she

<Tandemonium>: don't say that.

<h011y>: I,
<h011y>: was going to put it a bit more delicately...

<antimal>: fuck

<Tandemonium>: oh my god.

<h011y>: Yes, she's dead.

<antimal>: what tthe fuck

<h011y>: I'm sorry.

{that_one_guy}: what happened?

<h011y>: she was shot.

<antimal>: what the fuck what the fuck

<Tandemonium>: :'C

<h011y>: we don't know who it wa.s
<h011y>: i'm so sorry.

<morse>: Holy crap

8:00 AM PST

[Countdown]: T-16 hours.

9:00 AM PST

[Countdown]: T-15 hours.

9:19 AM PST

<RETURN2GENDER>: holy fck we lost holly?

{that_one_guy}: we did.
{that_one_guy}: things are getting bad out there.

<morse>: Surprised this site is still up to be honest
<morse>: Buncha servers are down


{that_one_guy}: i host it myself. ain't no apocalypse gonna stop me from chatting with you guys

<RETURN2GENDER>: you sound like mnemesis :PP

<morse>: "ain't"

{that_one_guy} muted <morse> for 1 second

<RETURN2GENDER>: are you ever going to actually use the mute feature??

{that_one_guy}: none of you guys have ever given me reason to!


{that_one_guy} muted <RETURN2GENDER> for 1 minute

<morse>: To be fair
<morse>: You were asking for it
<morse>: And they logged off

{that_one_guy}: this is what a one-minute mute can do...
{that_one_guy}: be very afraid...

10:00 AM PST

[Countdown]: T-14 hours.

10:27 AM PST

<Tandemonium>: guys, is @<antimal> actually offline?
<Tandemonium>: this is the longest they've shut up for in, like, forever.

[LotteryBot]: @<Tandemonium> is today's lucky winner! (Tandemonium has won 19 times.)

<morse>: the final lotterybot win :D

{that_one_guy}: they seemed pretty shaken up about holly dying...

<Tandemonium>: !lotterboard

[LotteryBot]: antimal - 31 wins / Tandemonium - 19 wins / h011y - 12 wins

{that_one_guy}: i don't think now is the time to be celebrating.

<morse>: They also said stuff aroudn their apartment was pretty dangerous
<morse>: I really hope they're okay

<Tandemonium>: it's been three hours. I'm sure they're fine.

<RETURN2GENDER>: don't sayyy that

{that_one_guy}: knock on wood, or something.

<morse>: Just to check
<morse>: How safe is everyone right now

<Tandemonium>: no idea how to gauge that, honestly.

<RETURN2GENDER>: pretty safe?? i hope at least :(

<Tandemonium>: there's been violence where i live, but it's mostly up in the city.

{that_one_guy}: i'm good.

<morse>: Stay alive everyone
<morse>: I'm gonna go visit a friend

<Tandemonium>: o/

11:00 AM PST

[Countdown]: T-13 hours.

12:00 AM PST

[Countdown]: T-12 hours.

<RETURN2GENDER>: where is everyoneee

1:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-11 hours.

2:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-10 hours.

3:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-9 hours.

3:10 PM PST

{that_one_guy}: good question, honestly.
{that_one_guy}: i mean, things'll probably pick up later in the evening, as they usually do.
{that_one_guy}: people have real lives, too.

4:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-8 hours.

5:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-7 hours.

5:52 PM PST

<RETURN2GENDER>: this is weird
<RETURN2GENDER>: you dont think theyre...

{that_one_guy}: i hope not, at least.
{that_one_guy}: everyone here seems rational enough not to get themselves in *too* much danger.


{that_one_guy}: uncharted waters, i know.

<RETURN2GENDER>: and we havent even seen avery

{that_one_guy}: i mean, it's probably just the usual timezone stuff.

<RETURN2GENDER>: maybe im worried over nothing but like
<RETURN2GENDER>: this is really fcking happening
<RETURN2GENDER>: hollys dead
<RETURN2GENDER>: the world's ending

{that_one_guy}: i know.
{that_one_guy}: and you have every right to be afraid.


{that_one_guy}: but it's going to happen one way or another.
{that_one_guy}: don't spend this time worrying.
{that_one_guy}: live the life you want to.

<RETURN2GENDER>: i feel a little better

{that_one_guy}: glad i could help some.

<RETURN2GENDER>: can i ask you something
<RETURN2GENDER>: you dont have to answer if you don't want to

{that_one_guy}: absolutely.

<RETURN2GENDER>: whats your name

{that_one_guy}: it's alan.

<RETURN2GENDER>: thanks alan
<RETURN2GENDER>: youre amazing

{that_one_guy}: aww.
{that_one_guy}: you too.

6:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-6 hours.

7:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-5 hours.

8:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-4 hours.

8:34 PM PST

{that_one_guy}: okay, i know we talked about this, but, still no-one?
{that_one_guy}: :l

9:00 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-3 hours.

9:41 PM PST

[Countdown]: T-4 hours.

<Mnemesis>: it's quiet in here
<Mnemesis>: too quiet...

{that_one_guy}: ello!

<Mnemesis>: howdy!
<Mnemesis>: how ya been?

{that_one_guy}: not bad, all things considered.
{that_one_guy}: i am starting to get worried considering how much of the userbase has been offline since this morning.

<Mnemesis>: hrmm
<Mnemesis>: folks are probably just waiting for everyone else to be on

<Mnemesis>: unless they've all, y'know...?

{that_one_guy}: you're the second person to ask me that in as many conversations.
{that_one_guy}: we have no confirmation on the mortality of any of the room's residents, besides you, me, and holly.

<Mnemesis>: glad to hear she's okay

{that_one_guy}: ...

<Mnemesis>: oh lord.

{that_one_guy}: you logged off right before, right...
{that_one_guy}: holly's dead.

<Mnemesis>: fuck.
<Mnemesis>: she was a good one.

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